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On Saturday, March 20 the First Online Bingo took place sponsored by the NEUROLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF GUATEMALA, at 6:00pm, with over 100 participants. We offered 10 fabulous prize combos, valued at Q500.00 to Q3,000.00.

Our students, parents and collaborators who participated, really enjoyed themselves.  We also had the support of the Volunteer Ladies and members of the Board of Directors who aside from helping us with the promotion, sale and purchasing of the bingo cards, also spent a pleasant time playing along with their families.  We thank SUPERBINGO, and each participant and the sponsoring businesses who supported us with the donation of wonderful prizes.

The event lasted about 3 hours, and was done on the Zoom platform.  The funds that were raised are destined for the support of the Education Scholarship Programs.

Our Principles

We work with passion, professionalism, integrity and a spirit of service, so that people with intellectual disabilities and autism can be independent and attain their goals.


9ª avenida 5-51 zona 11, Guatemala city 
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