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In the Neurological Institute of Guatemala, we promote the integral development of people with intellectual disabilities and autism.

People who have these conditions face different social and environmental barriers that make it difficult to achieve their full and effective participation in society. Our objective is to provide professional services of special education and therapies to enhance their abilities and skills, in order to achieve their full social inclusion, improving in this way their quality of life and that of their families.

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Understanding intellectual disability

Intellectual disability is currently included according to the (DSM-5) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, under the classification of Neurodevelopmental Disorder. Intellectual disability includes a deficit in intellectual functioning, a deficit in adaptive functioning and could begin in the period of development. Among the characteristics that intellectual disability might present alterations in some cognitive processes such as reasoning, problem-solving, planning, among others, as well as some difficulties in adaptive functioning that enable one to attain social and cultural skills that permit personal independence and social responsibility.

Understanding the Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder is included in the DSM-5 as a Neurodevelopmental Disorder.  It is characterized by presenting persistent deficiencies in communication and social interaction in different contexts, including deficits in social reciprocity, non-verbal communication behaviors used in social interactions and the ability to develop, maintain and understand relationships.  They present some restrictive and repetitive behavior, interests or activity patterns that are manifested through movements, stereotyped speech, etc. or an insistence in monotony, excessive inflexibility in routines, etc, as well as an alteration in sensory modulation or hyper-reactivity to stimulation.


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Our Principles

We work with passion, professionalism, integrity and a spirit of service, so that people with intellectual disabilities and autism can be independent and attain their goals.


9ª avenida 5-51 zona 11, Ciudad de Guatemala
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