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If a smile can change your day, with your help we can change their lives.

Throughout the year we develop different fundraising activities which allow us to guarantee the uninterrupted education of our students.  Join the network of friends who support the projects and programs that we promote in the Institute for inclusion into Guatemalan society of the children and young adults with intellectual disabilities or autism.

During the COVID-19 emergency, the NIG has reinvented itself to continue supporting our children, young adults and their families through the new program of long-distance training.  Our challenge is great, we still have many more children to support and our services must expand to reach the areas of greater incidence of ID in Guatemala.  BECOME INVOLVED! You can become a #FriendChallenge

A program tailored to how YOU wish to support us is available:

Scholarship Sponsor Program

With your help children and young adults with Intellectual Disability and Autism in Guatemala will receive the special education and therapy they need.

Economic and In-kind Donations

Our challenges are great, but each donation is important.

Volunteering and events

Join us and get to know each one of our activities for fomenting inclusion in Guatemala

Support networks

Joining our efforts towards a more inclusive society.

Friends of the Neurological Institute of Guatemala

We are grateful to all companies, organizations, entities that with their valuable collaboration and active participation contribute to the achievement of our objectives. #ChallengeFriends

Promoting art and inclusion.

JUANNIO is the most important charitable, private, non-profit art event in Central America. It began in 1964 with the purpose of helping the Neurological Institute of Guatemala economically.
The Neurological Institute has been vitally important for the country because there is no other educational and social support institute of this kind. The totality of the profits that are obtained from the art auction, year by year, is donated to the Neurological Institute, an important sum that contributes to the operation of the ING.
JUANNIO has been the leader and pioneer in its role of art promotion in Guatemala. With 57 uninterrupted years in this work, it is established as an obligatory point of reference for current contemporary art. With renovation, transparency and the spirit of service it has achieved promoting the interest and appreciation of art, as well as professional art criticism. It has also been able to increase the number of new artists, to incentivize those who are accredited and promote the constitution of important art collections in the country. Always in the forefront, it has also managed to strengthen its presence on the international level, not only through the Panel of Judges and the Contest, but also by the selection of important Latin American artists who exhibit their art every year.

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Our Principles

We work with passion, professionalism, integrity and a spirit of service, so that people with intellectual disabilities and autism can be independent and attain their goals.


9ª avenida 5-51 zona 11, Ciudad de Guatemala
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