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Our programs are directed towards people with intellectual disabilities or autism (babies, children, young adults and adults), with the objective of strengthening their abilities and skills to have a better quality of life.

We work under the concept of Vital Cycle, which combines the different levels of intervention with supportive services that a person in this condition requires.


The sooner we begin the intervention, the better long term results we will have.


From 6 months to 4 years of age Our program is designed to work with the infant in four relevant areas of human development: social-affective, communication, motor, and cognitive.


Education is a fundamental right of all people and to make this effective it demands the guarantee that all children and young adults have access to a quality education with equal opportunities. This includes all children and young adults with or without disabilities.


Our greatest objective is to include children and young adults into the National System of Education, for which reason we promote the alliance with the Ministry of Education, and we strengthen the abilities and capabilities in order to achieve this objective.


This is a support service which aims to train our students with intellectual disabilities to be part of the general workforce according to their talents and interests.


A program whose primary purpose is to ensure the successful inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in the general workforce.


The Institute deems that promotion of an autonomous and independent life shall be one of the main pillars in which any program or legislation shall be based, in regards to people with intellectual disabilities.


A group of national and international counselors lead our Support Services Programs:


To strengthen the skills in students, it is necessary for us to identify the sensory areas that are compromised and to treat them to achieve a better processing of the sensory information and a better arrangement of their adaptive responses.


To enhance the physical skills in the students, the Institute has a Physical Therapy Program, which aims to develop therapeutic strategies that achieve the highest level of physical functionality in children and young people.


To promote the social interaction of the individual with intellectual disability, the Institute provides communication therapy services. Using augmentative communication methods, children begin by demonstrating communicative intention.


To ensure that our students with intellectual disabilities take that step towards autonomy, the Institute provides them with Occupational Therapy Services from the beginning.


Through the research and follow up of our families, steps are constantly taken to ensure that issues, needs, or risks are detected, and to support the student and their family.


This service is developed through a School for Families, whose goal is to coach families and caretakers in the different education and development of their children. Support is provided in all the stages of development of the children, from the moment of their birth or arrival to the Institute to their social inclusion in all the areas.


The Psychology Department in the Institute aims to give periodic intervention as a follow-up to the development of the students.


By means of sports, interaction, and follow-up instructions, a spirit of competition is created among our students. We have developed a competitive program that has allowed us to find and strengthen sports abilities in the students.


The Program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, was designed to provide care specifically for children with autism to achieve their inclusion into society.

Formation Programs

The Program EDUCATE emerges with the objective of supporting parents, teachers, coordinators and directors of private and public educational centers and any professional who wishes to learn about the subject.  We offer technical training in different areas related to educational inclusion, a focus on the rights of people living with disabilities, strategies of intervention and attention to the different conditions of disabilities, language therapy, occupational therapy, psycho-pedagogical therapy, psychology and others.

Our Principles

We work with passion, professionalism, integrity and a spirit of service, so that people with intellectual disabilities and autism can be independent and attain their goals.


9ª avenida 5-51 zona 11, Ciudad de Guatemala
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